Faculty and Staff

Bios of each of our faculty members can be found in the “About” section of our website.  Email links can be found on the Contact page of the website.

Jacob Winkler
Artistic Director and Prime Voci Conductor

Susanna Valleau
Prime Voci and Allegra Accompanist

Alex Gagiu
Assistant AD Cantamus Conductor

Carol Banach
Cantamus Accompanist

Sarra Sharif
Allegra Conductor

Miriam Anderson
Entrata Conductor

Abigail Habegger
Entrata Accompanist

Marilee Clobes
Vivissimi Conductor

Janelle Murray
Vivissimi and Dolcine Accompanist

Marilee Clobes
Dolcine Conductor

Janelle Murray
Dolcine Accompanist

Miriam Anderson
Piccolini Conductor

Cassi McDougall
Piccolini Conductor

Emma Vizenor
Theory Instructor


Stacia Cammarano
Office Manager

Meaghan Leferink
Executive Director