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Getting Lost in the Music: A Class of 2022 Senior Essay

By Grey Karis-Sconyers Music has always been an important creative outlet for me. I spent most of my childhood singing a little too loudly in school choirs and tormenting my family members with out-of-tune recorder songs. But I didn’t start taking music seriously until I joined SGC. At the end of sixth grade, Claudia Chin […]

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Rolling with the Punches: A Class of 2022 Senior Essay

By Xahria Hatch I joined SGC halfway through 8th grade, and let me tell you that was hard. The week after I started rehearsals, everyone else sang The Star Spangled Banner for… it must have been a baseball game. I think. I didn’t know, because I’d joined a week before. But although I had to […]

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Clear and Strong Voices: A Class of 2022 Senior Essay

By Vesi Tsenkova SGC has been an after school staple for me for years now, and choosing a single moment to encompass the entire experience is close to impossible. I could probably write a novel with the sheer number of stories, standout moments, and memories I have of this organization. However, I remember my very […]

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The Bond Beneath the Song: A Class of 2022 Senior Essay

By Arundati Iyer I sit alone on the dusty, empty riser on a stage in a large hall. I hear the footsteps of another girl who has also arrived early. She climbs up the stage and sits next to me. As we wait for the rest of the choir to start rehearsal, I quietly begin […]

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Taken Away at the Sound: A Class of 2022 Senior Essay

By Sonya Fues Ever since I started choir in third grade, I have been completely entranced by the sound of PV singing. I knew, from the first time I heard them, that that was what I wanted to do one day. As I entered PV, I wanted more than anything to be a first soprano, […]

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Sense of Community: A Class of 2022 Senior Essay

By Sylvia Lindblad When I first joined SGC in 2013, I was in 4th grade, and I had never been part of an organization like this before. Although I had always loved to sing, this was my first time singing in a choir. Walking in on the first day of Vivissimi, I only knew one […]

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