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Part of a Beautiful Whole: A Class of 2021 Senior Essay

By Claire Balcom I joined SGC with the least amount of dramatic flair possible. For what would turn out to be a staggeringly life-altering decision, it was one I made very casually, slipping quietly into the summer camp before my 8th grade year without so much as an audition (I sang with Mr. Gagiu at […]

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The most beautiful music: A Class of 2021 Senior Essay

By Amelie Petit Most of the seniors who went to Wales with SGC write about it in their senior essay, and I am no different. We were running on 5 hours of sleep at best, I had eaten at least 3 power bars in the past 2 hours, and it was 90 degrees out. To […]

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Leadership and Integrity: A Class of 2021 Senior Essay

By Ellie Rice I had thought that my senior essay would have to be my final goodbye before I graduate from this organization. After this, I officially wouldn’t get to experience the joys of being a chorister anymore. I’d be released into the world, only to return for a few Town Hall concerts or maybe […]

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A Second Family- Class of 2020 Senior Essay by Lexie Moss

In Summer 2017 in Wales, at the Youth Folk category of the Llangollen International Musical Eisteddfod, 28 girls walked onstage. Re-watching this performance, the camera’s distance renders our faces deceptively neutral. In reality, we were excited but apprehensive, running on adrenaline and four hours of sleep. Countless hours of practice were about to pay off. Reaching the […]

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“I am not afraid to try again…”- Class of 2020 Essay by Eva Zhou

Singing is something almost everyone does. Children sing, performers sing at ballgames, people sing along with the radio in their car…it’s a universal human activity. Because it can seem so simple, people tend to underestimate the skill it takes. But singing is a skill I have pursued for many years, and it takes enormous effort […]

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“An imprint on my life…” -Class of 2020 Senior Essay by Mara Wald

There is absolutely no feeling in the world that can compare to the sensation that follows 28 American, teenaged choristers collectively skipping the second verse of Suite Judy Blue Eyes at a concert in Llangollen, Wales. We had just received less than ideal results in our second competition during the Eisteddfod International Choral Competition and, […]

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“A Sisterhood for Life”- Class of 2020 Senior Essay by Isabella Martinez

Needless to say I did not anticipate my SGC career ending prematurely on account of a viral pandemic but alas, life continues to prove itself unpredictable. Condensing my proudest accomplishments, innumerable rehearsals, and the greatest friendships I’ve ever had seems an impossible feat but these days I have nothing but time on my hands. When […]

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Class of 2016 Senior Essays

Every Spring the Seniors of Prime Voci are asked to write an essay about their SGC experience. In 2016 we had three young ladies graduate. Emily Music has always been an integral part of my being. From an early age, I sang in lieu of talking and I danced instead of walking. I forever thank my […]

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