For the Future of Seattle Girls Choir

Make a donation to Seattle Girls Choir today, and thanks to two generous SGC families your donation will be doubled. Together we can ensure a bright future for Seattle Girls Choir.

For a choral organization, any situation in which we can’t make music together is a major blow. Unfortunately, here in Seattle we’re facing a rapidly developing, unsettling public health risk that is preventing us from making music together in rehearsals. We aren’t sure how long this will last.

This virus also prevented us from joining together as a community to celebrate Seattle Girls Choir, and to raise funds for our current and future choristers at our annual Cabaret. And with everything being still so uncertain about when we’ll be able to safely meet up once again, we’ve decided to go ahead and cancel that fundraising event. Cancelling the Cabaret is a hard choice. This fundraising event accounts for $40,000 of our revenue for the year. But making this decision allows us to stop thinking about what could be someday, and start thinking about how to mobilize our community in a different way right now.

Because one thing we do know for certain is that the arts are still necessary. Ensuring that our arts organizations remain financially stable remains a priority. There will be a time after this public health crisis passes, but it’s entirely likely that many arts organizations will be much worse for wear when that time comes. To be frank, we could be one of those organizations that don’t recover if we don’t have your support.

For us to continue to thrive as an organization throughout the rest of this year and in years to come, we need your financial support today.

We remain committed to the idea that no child should miss out on a transformational choral education for financial reasons. We remain committed to hiring and retaining excellent faculty members. We are committed to helping girls achieve their goals inside and outside of the concert hall. That hasn’t changed, and it’s not going to change even as we have to make hard decisions about how we’ll weather this storm.

One of our choristers recently said, “This program has offered me an important education that I will take with me forever.” That is a sentiment that will outlast this crisis. Today our choristers might not be able to meet together to sing, but we can all make our voices heard when it matters most. Thank you so much.