Introducing our Board of Directors Youth Representatives

Last fall, the SGC Board of Directors took an exciting step towards greater integration of youth voice into organizational governance by welcoming three choristers to the team as Youth Representatives. We wanted to give these choristers a chance to introduce themselves, and let you hear a little about what motivated them to take part in this exciting new opportunity. 

Abby Assadi: I’ve been really energized about being on the Board of Directors this year because it means that I get to learn more about Seattle Girls Choir as a nonprofit organization, in addition to a place where I sing with my amazing friends twice a week. The logistical running of SGC is not an easy feat––there is much deliberation behind the scenes that informs decisions. By attending Board meetings so far, it has become apparent that SGC cares about integrating the chorister perspective into its decision making process, and I am grateful that I get to represent this point of view. Also, communicating with adults in the SGC community has shown me how others view the organization. Synthesizing my perspective as well as the opinions of others has given me insight into future projects I would love to see materialize, such as increased diversity in the music we sing, as well as additional opportunities for small ensemble work and collaboration with other Seattle-based music groups of all ages. I am excited to continue serving on the BOD and expanding my understanding of SGC!

Arundati Iyer: I have been in the SGC organization for ten years. I joined SGC in Vivisimmi, and ever since then it has been such an essential and impactful part of my life. I joined the youth board of SGC because I was interested in seeing how such a fascinating organization functions, and I wanted to advocate for students struggling in virtual rehearsals. Running such a complex and successful organization is extremely difficult, and there is a lot of thought and deliberation that goes into every detail. SGC cares about making the right decisions for the choristers, and I am so lucky to play a part in advocating for them. I have learned so much from the bi-monthly board meetings, like how a nonprofit organization runs and how they plan for upcoming fundraisers and events. I have also gotten to communicate and connect with other board members seeing different perspectives of the organization. While attending the board meetings, I can also plan for how I want the future of SGC to look. I would love all choir levels to be able to participate in concerts and festivals with other choirs in the area and continue to have events like choir camp and international tours. I would also like to increase the amount of diverse music we sing and represent many cultures. I am so grateful to serve on the SGC BOD and provide a chorister’s perspective to the organization. I look forward to many more meetings and gain more knowledge about this fascinating organization.

Claire Balcom: When I found out the Board of Directors was taking on youth representatives, I was excited to know that the behind-the-scenes team of the organization were taking innovative steps to ensure that the choristers they serve were included in their process. SGC has always been a community effort, and this opportunity struck me as an exciting new approach to a long-standing organization-wide goal to help amplify youth voices (so to speak). I see now that much of the logistical strength of SGC comes from having a BOD composed of members who are all tirelessly dedicated to collaboration and open communication. Looking towards the future of the organization, I’m hopeful that some of the accessible adaptations SGC has taken on in a virtual setting will help inform our mindset in safer times. The education, rehearsals, and concerts the choir provides are less restricted by physical social reach than ever before. Working with the Board has assured me that SGC is moving forward with a renewed sense of our place in a global community, and I’m excited to see where that takes us.

Many thanks to Abby, Arundati, and Claire for spearheading this new leadership opportunity alongside our adult board members. Your efforts to help the choir you love improve day after day are greatly appreciated.