Return to Rehearsals FAQ

(As of 8/25/21)

Thank you for enrolling your chorister in another great year of music learning!

While we are all eager for things to be 100% back to normal soon, SGC is still taking precautions against the spread of COVID. The safety of our choristers is always of the utmost importance to us. We know that our ability to sing together in person is contingent on all of us following protocols to mitigate risk. Thank you for your cooperation with the below guidelines. 

We know that you likely have a lot of questions about what we will do to keep choristers safe, and what we will be asking families to do to play their part. Below is an FAQ that hopefully addresses many of your questions, but if we’ve missed something please feel free to get in touch. We can be reached at

What guidelines are you using?

There are no specific state guidelines for organizations like ours – youth serving organizations that are serving the same populations as childcare facilities and schools, but facing many of the same questions as adult performing arts groups – so we (upon recommendation from state officials) are using conservative guidelines associated with both. 

Here are the links to those guidelines for performing arts groups and child care facilities from the Governor’s Office. We also take additional recommendations from the CDC and King County Public Health. Protocols are subject to change based on guidelines from these state or county public health departments. 

Will everyone still be wearing masks?

Yes. Face coverings will be required for all SGC activities whether they occur indoors or outdoors, regardless of vaccination status indefinitely. This includes common areas such as hallways, stairways, restrooms. We ask that all choristers arrive wearing a well-fitting mask. Some singers have had good experiences with the disposable KF94 style mask, “duckbill” styles (horizontal or vertical) or KN95.  These can be found on Amazon or in local drug stores. Faculty and choristers are urged to have multiple masks on hand to easily replace ones that get wet or dirty. 

Are you requiring vaccinations? 

Yes. All SGC choristers 12 and older are required to be vaccinated against COVID-19 in order to participate in in-person SGC activities. If this presents an issue for your chorister, please get in touch.

All SGC employees are also required to be vaccinated against COVID-19, except for those who receive accommodations for medical conditions that prevent them from being vaccinated or hold sincerely held religious beliefs, as required by law. 

What’s the ventilation/air flow like in my choristers’ rehearsal space?

We will be using the largest spaces available in the choir center for rehearsals (the Sanctuary, Fellowship Hall, and Chapel), and keeping room capacity under 50% in each space. We are in frequent communication with the facilities managers of the center, and are monitoring room air exchange rates to ensure that each room filters air at the recommended 3+ air exchanges per hour. Each space also has additional windows and doors that open to the outside that can be used to increase air flow. As added support in two of these spaces, we have purchased large room HEPA filter purifiers to run during rehearsal and during breaks in room use.

Based on current best practices for indoor singing, singing activities will be limited to a maximum of 50 minutes at a time with breaks in between to allow for air exchange. Groups will alternate between singing rehearsals and theory group lessons to accommodate these parameters.

If/when possible, instructors will be encouraged to make use of outdoor spaces on the choir center property.

Is there a virtual option for my chorister?

We are currently planning to offer a hybrid classroom option for choristers in Piccolini, Dolcine, Entrata, Vivissimi, and Allegra if 5 or more students are interested at each level. We may also offer hybrid options for other choirs if there is sufficient interest. Virtual choristers will log in to rehearsals via Zoom and follow along with the in-person rehearsal from home. We will be hiring a classroom assistant to work with virtual students and collaborate with the class’s in-person instructor. Please get in touch if you’d like to learn more. 

What will arrival for rehearsals look like?

Drop-off and pick-up times and location will be staggered so that choir groups do not mix upon arrival.

At daily drop off an SGC staff member or volunteer will ask you (if your child is in 5th grade or under) or your chorister (if they are in 6th grade or older) to answer standard symptom and exposure health screening questions, we will log their temperature, and they will join the group. Choristers with a temperature of 100.4 or above, or suspected COVID symptoms will be sent home. Screening will be done outside so that parents/guardians may escort choristers up to daily check-in.

What are attendance policies this year?

It is more important than ever that choristers who are sick, even if you think it is just a cold, stay home. To support this, we are suspending our typical attendance policies, and trust that choristers who are well enough to attend rehearsals will continue to do so. If your chorister is sick and there is a virtual option at their choir level, they are welcome to use that option for the day or week they are unable to come to in-person rehearsal. 

What happens if someone gets sick?

SGC will implement several strategies (specified in the K-12 Schools Guidance 2020-2021) to prepare for if someone gets sick. We have policies on file for the following scenarios, available for you to read upon your request. These policies cover the following scenarios:

  • When someone develops signs of Covid-19
  • Returning to In-Person Rehearsal After Suspected Signs of Covid-19
  • Returning to In-Person Rehearsal After Testing Positive For Covid-19
  • Returning to In-Person Rehearsal After Being in Close Contact to Someone With
  • Covid-19
  • Contact investigation, contact tracing, and quarantine of close contacts of confirmed Covid-19 cases.

Any other changes? 

Just a couple other things! 

  • Family members who are dropping off or picking up choristers should either wait in their vehicle or outside the choir center, distanced from other families. We will not be allowing families to use the choir center lobby during rehearsals at this time. 
  • Each chorister is responsible for their own supplies and cannot share music with another chorister. So be sure to ask your chorister if they have everything they need! 

If we missed something, please do send us an email. We want to make sure you have all the info you need to feel good about sending your chorister back to rehearsals. Thank you!