A One-Monthiversary Message from Meaghan

Wow, time flies! One month ago, I was stepping into the SGC office for the first time as Stacia processed audition requests, sent out invoices, and set up my desk (perhaps all simultaneously…? She’s a wonder!) to make sure I had everything I needed to jump in. It was a day jam-packed with information and ideas, and those ideas haven’t stopped flowing. It’s been a busy month as your Executive Director! 

And before another month passes me by, I want to make sure that those of you in the SGC community know what I’ve been up to. Everything I do is in service of the youth in this program, and I’m accountable to you all as your main advocate and cheerleader. You should know what’s cooking over here at 1900 E Spruce St.!

So here are some of the things I’ve been up to in the past month. I have…

  • Attended my first SGC Board of Directors meeting, where we approved this year’s budget. 
  • Met with many members of the Board, and some SGC parents in one-on-one coffee meetings and lunches. These folks have really helped inform my understanding of the obvious strengths of the organization, and also provided insights into where SGC could use more support and resources.
  • Made connections with leaders at other arts organizations around Seattle, both through one-on-ones and at events like the ArtsFund Cultural Partners Summit, the Mayor’s Arts Awards, and the Office of Arts & Culture Mixer. 
  • I’ve investigated our current marketing and fundraising systems, and made steps to update those systems so they serve us well. 
  • Attended the launch of our first week of rehearsals, and met the many new choristers and family members who are joining us for the first time this year. (This included some surreptitious spying on the Piccolini class; those little ones are so darn cute.)  And hey, did you know we have two new choirs this year? Meet Entrata and Sorella
  • Prepped 120ish packets of information for the launch of our 2019 Annual Raffle and Fundraiser.
  • Met youth in the choir and got feedback on their experience and how we can support them in their musical journey.
  • Watched this Youtube video of Prime Voci and cried happy tears. I’m a softie. 


But now, what are some things that I’m looking forward to in the next month (or so), you ask? Well, here’s another short list:

  • I’m looking forward to supporting our youth as they mobilize to sell raffle tickets, or fund raise for donations, and thus tell loads of people about SGC and its importance in their lives. 
  • I’m looking forward to collaborating with the young people of Prime Voci, Sorella, and Cantamus in developing a youth advisory board, or another platform for all of the youth of the choir to provide direct feedback to the staff and board.  
  • I’m looking forward to mapping out fundraising strategies for the year, and connecting with potential grantmakers and corporate sponsors. (On that note, if you have connections to a business who might be interested in sponsoring the Spring Cabaret, please get in touch!)

In October and November I’ll be holding “Office Hours” at the choir center. These are times where I’ll be around and available for you to drop in and say hi, or to discuss any issues you might like to raise. Those office hours are listed below. 

Open Office Hours

September 30, 6:00 PM- 8:00 PM

October 1, 4:30 PM-6:30 PM

October 3, 4:30 PM-6:30 PM

November 5, 4:30 PM-6:30 PM

November 6, 4:30 PM-6:30 PM

November 7, 4:30 PM-6:30 PM

Please do come by while your chorister is in rehearsal! It’ll be a nice way to pass the time. And of course, if those times don’t work for you, send me an email and we can find another time to meet. I’m here to be a resource for you, and your insights are invaluable to me. Let’s connect! 

I appreciate everyone who has already extended a warm welcome to me, and can’t wait to meet even more folks with great stories to share about SGC and its place in their lives. I also want to say thank you to the staff, faculty, and board who have been very patient with me as I noodle through lots of spreadsheets and historic documents. It’s truly an honor to work for an organization like this one, with people as kind as you all are. Thanks again.