Entrata, training choir

Introducing Entrata, SGC’s new training choir!
Part of Seattle Girls Choir’s strength as a program comes from the progression of skill building that occurs as a chorister moves through the organization. However, this can also make it difficult for girls to join SGC past the primary Dolcine years. Entrata is designed to help alleviate that transition into SGC by providing more focused musicianship instruction, so that slightly older girls’ skill levels will more closely match their peers that started younger. It will also help reduce the size of Vivissimi, which has had high enrollment for several years, and bring it to a more optimal teacher-to-student ratio.

Entrata is the new entry point for new choristers in grades 4-6. Entrata choristers will still learn and perform music, but there will be slightly more emphasis on core musicianship and literacy skills. At the end of this year long program Entrata choristers will move into Vivissimi or Allegra, whichever is most appropriate for their skill level and age.

We are scheduling auditions now to start in the fall. Please visit the Join page of the website for audition information!