Tuition and Financial Aid


Our annual tuition can be paid by the season, semester, or month as determined by each parent.  Tuition varies by choir level and ranges from about $135/month for Dolcine’s 1.75 hour weekly rehearsal to $240/month for Prime Voci’s combined 5 hours of weekly rehearsals. Tuition for Allegra, Cantamus, and Prime Voci includes a portion of the summer choir camp tuition which is part of the season’s curriculum for each chorister.

Additional costs associated with participation in SGC include:
* One time, refundable, uniform deposit of $75
* Concert tickets
* Festival or Tour costs (Prime Voci & Cantamus)

In order to remain an accessible option of families, we do not charge tuition at a rate that would cover the full operational cost of the organization. As a nonprofit organization, we do therefore participate in fundraising initiatives during the year that we request families participate in to the extent they are able.

Financial Aid

Seattle Girls Choir is committed to providing exceptional music education and performance opportunities for girls in the Puget Sound region.  Therefore we offer Financial Aid to those families that need assistance in order for their daughter to continue to participate in our program.

Financial Aid requests are typically submitted at the start of each choir season.
Seattle Girls Choir’s budget makes tuition assistance available annually. To apply, fill out this form and submit on or before September 1st for review prior to the start of the season.  The application will ask for information found on your most recent 1040 Tax Form as well as space to detail extenuating circumstances. If you need any assistance in filling out this form or have questions about the financial aid process, please don’t hesitate to reach out. We hope that this can be a low-barrier process and want to work with you to make it easier for your child to participate.

If you have any questions please email Stacia at the SGC office.