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My time with SGC has been the single most influential part of my life so far. This organization and the people within it have shaped me into the person I am today and the person I will be tomorrow. Choir taught me that selflessness is the key to success. Choir showed me what it felt like to contribute to a sound greater than the sum of its parts. Choir proved to me every Monday and Wednesday that my voice was important and valuable, and gave me confidence to use my voice for more than just singing. Most importantly, choir has given me a sisterhood for life. – Isabella Martinez, Class of ’20

Non-Auditioned Prep Choir, Piccolini

Primarily for girls going into Kindergarten and 1st grade, we have a prep choir called Piccolini. This non-auditioned choir provides a foundation for choral singing including vocal tone, breathing, and an introduction to pitch, rhythm, and movement.

Please click here for more information and to sign-up.

Placement Auditions

We are only accepting applications for candidates in 4th-6th grades at this time. Placement Auditions for this age group is scheduled for Sat. January 8, 2022.  Please submit a Placement Audition Request at your earliest convenience.

Our younger choir levels are currently at capacity. Our next round of auditions for this age group will be in June 2022 and during our day camps later that July. Our sincere thanks for your interest.
We can set up your June 4, 2022 or August audition now if you’d like.

For those girls 2nd grade and older wishing to audition in June or August, the first step in joining the Seattle Girls Choir is to fill out and submit the Placement Audition Request FormWe will contact you upon receipt to schedule an appointment.

Auditioning for choir is not as difficult as the term “audition” implies. Our placement auditions are a forum to get acquainted with the candidate and a parent, hear her voice and ability to match pitch, make adjustments to instruction given, and determine potential placement in our program.  These appointments last approximately 15 minutes.

Each candidate will be asked:

  • To sing a song of her choice.  This song need not be complicated — we just want to hear her singing something she enjoys that demonstrates her voice. The song can be from a musical, a hymn, a folk song, something from a movie, from school, an art song, or a lighter pop song (something like Sara Bareilles might be OK, but probably not Joan Jett.) We look for potential, rather than polished performances.

  • To sing the first verse of “My Country ‘Tis of Thee” with piano accompaniment (provided by us.)

  • To match single pitches and pitches within chords. Being able to hear a note and sing it back is critical in our audition process and evaluation.

  • Girls entering 2nd and 3rd grade will be considered for our Dolcine choir level.

    Girls entering 4th-6th grade will be considered for our Entrata choir level. Placement in this choir level is designed to build skills in order to move into choir levels most appropriate for their new skills and age.

  • Older girls (primarily girls entering 5th or 6th grade and up) with choral experience may also be asked to demonstrate a knowledge of music theory (staff note names, rhythmic values, etc) and/or some proficiency in sight-singing for consideration in our Allegra, or higher, level.

    • And girls older than 6th grade who are prepared to demonstrate their music theory knowledge, sight-singing ability, and her aural skills will have aa slightly longer audition appointment. This is to better evaluate a candidate’s potential fit in our higher level choirs where girls have more tenure with the program’s instruction.

For information about Tuition and Financial Aid, click here.

If you have any questions please email audition or call (206) 526-1900.